The price you have to pay is calculated on an individual contract basis. The sum is dependent upon the complexity of the proposed site, the cost of producing graphics and the amount of work involved in preparing the site's theme. We do not charge a standard set-up fee but will negotiate either a fixed site set-up fee or a cost per page supplement as you wish.

There will be no set-up fee for simple sites.

A typical site consisting of pages with up to two scanned-in images per page and up to 200 words of text (in a paragraph format) per page will cost from €75 per page.

The cost of adding complex tables, shopping carts or construction of graphics may necessarily increase the costs for such pages, based on the extra work involved. You will be advised as to the supplement for such complex pages during the pre-contract stages.

We undertake to produce the site or pages within the agreed costs and will invoice you when the site is on our servers or ready for downloading to your server or Internet Service Provider (ISP) web space.

See also our Site Support pages for our on-going support prices.

Please Note:
Unless explicitly agreed in writing between AegeanSoft Web Publishing (AEGEANSOFT) and yourself, all material produced for your site by ÆGEANSOFT remains the Intellectual Property and Copyright © of ÆGEANSOFT. Please see our standard Terms and Conditions.